GQ Magazine Thinks They Can Belittle Women

(From The Campus Lantern – January 24, 2013)

GQ recently published an article that degrades and humiliates women. The magazine, which focuses on men’s style, fashion and culture, released a countdown entitled “The 100 Sexiest Women of the Millennium” (  The fact that editors of the magazine categorized who they thought were the most attractive women of the last millennium sickens me.  Lists like GQ’s degrade women, and make it seem like being a woman is a contest of who is most appealing to males.  Women are not just eye-candy for men, they are strong individuals.  Women need to stand together to ignore what these sick males think of them, and rise above their level.

The magazine even dared to make borderline racist categories in the list.  One category was “Hottest Pregnant Sri Lankan,” with singer M.I.A. taking the cake.  Another one was “Hottest Chinese Chick,” which actress Zhang Ziyi won.  These categories infer that these women are only beautiful in their own race, yet if they were compared to the “typical” American female, they would be less attractive.  It’s fishy to me that Beyoncé was crowned Miss Millennium, and not Miss African American Millennium (  Don’t get me wrong, Beyoncé is a gorgeous, talented woman, but she is also a well-known American pop-star.  The females listed in the ethnic-ridden categories are lesser known than Beyoncé, so their placements in the countdown makes it seem like they are less attractive and taken less seriously because of their races.  The article is bad enough, but the subcategories are downright offensive.

I went to the magazine website,, to peer my own eyes upon this atrocious list.  On the side of the webpage was another article written for the magazine entitled, “Thanks for the Mammaries: The Best Breasts of 2012.”  To some this title may be humorous; to some the pictures of the boobs in the article might be sexy; to me, everything about this article, and GQ, is disrespectful and disgusting.  The magazine focuses on women as sex-figures, not human beings.  Why can’t a men’s style, fashion and culture magazine actually focus on those subjects?  Posting pictures of nude women in your articles has nothing to do with helping men be more stylish, fashionable, or cultural.  The magazine, in my opinion, encourages males to be disrespectful and look down upon women.  I don’t know how the editors of this magazine can sleep at night, knowing that they are publishing such an unmoral magazine.  It appalls me that any human, let alone woman (because there are some women on the staff of the magazine), would work daily to publish this magazine.  It is most likely that the magazine is published for the entertainment of male chauvinists, and that it’s not meant to offend anyone.  Well, I am offended, as any intelligent, independent woman should be.


3 thoughts on “GQ Magazine Thinks They Can Belittle Women

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  2. SO glad that someone else has noticed this! I follow GQ’s Instagram account and I’ve noticed that any woman that appears in the photos are wearing only a bikini or underwear and/or clinging to some guy. It’s disgusting and degrading! What century do we live in? The 1700s?

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