Tired of Being a Broke College Student?

(From The Campus Lantern – October 18, 2012)

Almost every college student in the United States has one thing in common: They’re all broke. College drains your money: From the tuition bill you receive each semester, to the overpriced products sold on campus, to the pizza you order at 2 AM every Thursday, everything costs you money.

Thankfully, there are some procedures that can be taken to save money, and earn some, too.  It is not always easy to fit a part-time job into your busy schedule – college students are busy enough with all their classes, clubs, and friends.  There is a possible solution to this problem: become a note taker for the Office of AccessAbility Services here at Eastern.  At the end of the marking period, you get paid $50 from the OAS, and all you have to do is show up to your class and take notes – which you should be doing anyway.  There is a tiny amount of training you need to do before you can be a certified note taker, but it is easily doable.  Contact the Office of AccessAbility Services to take advantage of this accommodating opportunity for the Spring semester.

Every day I see students buying milk or cereal at the Library Café, buying fruit at the Student Center, or getting a soda from a vending machine on campus.  Half of these students have the Gold Meal Plan, which has unlimited access to the dining hall.  If you do have this meal plan, take advantage of its perks.  After class, even if you’re not hungry yet, stop by Hurley and get a to-go box and cup.  Fill the box with cereal and the cup with milk for your breakfast tomorrow; fill the box with fruit for a healthy late-night snack and the cup with Root Beer for later.  You are paying over $2000 for your meal plan, take advantage of the food at the dining hall.

Everyone gets tired of the clothes in their closet – especially since the closets in the dorms at Eastern aren’t very spacious.  However, the resolution to this problem is not buying more clothes that cost precious money.  The solution to this problem is borrowing your friends’ clothes.  You don’t need to be sharing undergarments, per se, but sweaters and shoes are definitely acceptable.  Check out your roommate’s closet, you never know the wonders you may find.

The simple solution to saving and making money on campus is to think outside the box.  Take advantage of the resources available here on campus, whether it’s the Office of AccessAbiliy Services, the dining hall, or your friend’s closet.


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