Staying Positive


I would just like to take this opportunity to say that my heart goes out to everyone in Boston, and everyone affected (which I think is all of us).

As a citizen of America, and a citizen of this world, I feel obliged to write a small post about the tragedy that struck Boston today.  I’m going to try and not focus on the negatives of the situation, because I know a majority of what I’m seeing on the internet and the news are bloody videos from the scene of the finish line, death and injury tolls, and anecdotes from stirred witnesses.  The facts are important to follow, but in order for me to hold my mental and emotional stability in times like these, I focus on the positives.

Incidents like these bring us all together – it’s horribly cliché, but true.  I’m trying to focus on how many courageous policemen, and even onlookers, raced toward the injured to help them.  There are images floating around the internet of the bloody injuries caused today, and although it may be wrong, it helps me to picture people running to help someone, rather than a man with his bones sticking out of his blown-off legs…

On Twitter, there are some people already tweeting, blaming certain people of certain races for the bombing.  This is ignorance, and I don’t know if it’s better to ignore it until it goes away, or to give them the attention they’re asking for.  I’m choosing to ignore these people, and instead focus on the positive tweets I’m seeing: Countless number of people offering their prayers to Boston, Bostonians saying they’re alright, and tweets about sticking together as one in these dark times.

In addition to grieving for those lost and injured today, I’m also so very thankful that the loved ones that I have in Boston are okay.  It’s hard to think positive, but it’s necessary to survive in the world today.

Times like these also make me feel guilty.  People are pointing out that explosions like these happen in other countries every day.  I just read that almost 40 people were killed today in Iraq, yet #PrayForIraq isn’t trending on Twitter.  The fact that people in other parts of the world live in constant terror 24 hours a day, 7 days a week makes me sick to my stomach.  It also makes me sick that we don’t realize that these things are happening.  Can you imagine if we had attacks like this every month? Every week? Every day?

This is where positivity needs to kick in.  It’s no way to live, constantly dwelling on these kinds of events.  It’s important to be educated on what happens, even if American news doesn’t shine much light on the suffering of other countries.  I’d like to add in this post that my heart goes out to everyone in Boston, Iraq, and everywhere else in the world where tragedies are happening.

P.S. If you are wondering how you can help Boston, here’s a link:

P.P.S. If you are in need of some positive vibes, follow @amandapalmer on Twitter.  Her tweets have been helping me stay positive today.


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