On the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

I am not here to complain about the shape or size of the models.  If they work out and eat healthy, then that’s great for them that they have such beautiful bodies.  I just hope that they have such “fit” bodies from healthy practices.

I am here to complain about the lack of diversity in the models.  I only watched about 15 minutes of the show, but during that time I only saw one black model and one Latina (I’m not even sure if she was Latina – I’m just giving VS the benefit of the doubt).  The rest were white women. There were no women of Asian descent.  Someone who was watching the show with me mentioned, “Well, the models have to fit certain requirements.”  VS couldn’t find an equal amount of models of color and white models – let alone one model of Asian descent?  It seems off to me.

I am also going to touch upon how extremely fetishized the models were during the interview portion.  I watched one interview about what the models would take with them if they were trapped on an island.  The models’ answers included necessities such as Wi-Fi and a strong man.  A comment was made along the lines of, “I’m from Africa, so I would be able to make fire.”  What does that even mean?  One model said she would bring a knife, and another said she would bring her children and her family.  For the most part, though, the models’ answers made them seem like they lacked simple common sense.   They were prancing around on a fake grass island during the interview, as young girls might.  However, unlike young girls, the models were wearing lingerie during the whole interview.  The image that was sent out was one that made women out to be brainless, needy, and almost child-like sex objects.

I’m not claiming to be a professional on this subject.  I haven’t done any research on any of the VS models or the fashion show.  All I’m saying is that the show sent out a false message that it is only acceptable to be a white, thin, dim-witted girl who is dependent upon others to survive.


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