Ebola Outbreak in the U.S.

(From The Campus Lantern – October 2, 2014) 

As of Wednesday, October 1, there is a confirmed case of Ebola in Texas. According to CNN, the patient recently flew from Liberia to Dallas. Liberia is one of the countries that have been hit hardest by the outbreak.

Before hysteria ensues here in the States, it is important to look at the facts on Ebola. According to the White House’s website, “[the] Ebola virus is the cause of a viral hemorrhagic fever disease. Symptoms include: fever, headache, joint and muscle aches, weakness, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, lack of appetite, and abnormal bleeding.” It is important to note that Ebola is transmitted through direct contact with bodily fluids and cannot be transmitted through air, food, or water in the United States.


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