Eastern Senior Designs New Mascot

(From The Campus Lantern – February 19, 2015) alexa

Alexa Brooke Senia defines herself as creative, bold, easy going, organized, and a very hard worker with lots of positive energy.  She is an open person who is always smiling and has a loud sense of humor – one could say that her Italian side comes out very often, especially through her art. Senia grew up in Westport, Connecticut and is currently a senior at Eastern Connecticut State University. In the spring of 2015, she will complete a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts with a concentration in Digital Art and Design and with a minor in Studio Art. As of right now, Senia is taking 20 credits plus an on-campus job – that may sound like a lot, but she still has time for her passions, drawing and designing.

It was recently announced that Senia’s design was the winner of the new Eastern mascot contest.  Her design, a gender-neutral, fierce Spartan bearing the word “Warriors” on its shield, is a mighty replacement to Eastern’s goofy and outdated current mascot, Sheldon the Shield.

Senia shared her inspiration for the design, “Since we are the Warriors, I wanted to create a figure that was bold and strong.  I decided to draw out a Spartan-like character and incorporate the shield within.”

Overall, Senia estimated that it took a couple of hours to research, come up with the idea, and then design it on her computer.  When designing anything, Senia always starts with a drawing or small thumbnail sketch.  Once she gets down most of the design, Senia scans it into the computer and uses programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to manipulate the sketch.  That is also how Senia’s winning mascot design became what it is today.

The new mascot costume is still being drafted from Senia’s design but is set to debut this May at the 2015 Commencement, coincidently when Senia is graduating.


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