(From The Campus Lantern – November 12th, 2015)

On Thursday, October 29, the Eastern Connecticut State University chapter of the American Association of University Professors (ECSU-AAUP) held a tabling event in the Student Center Lobby. At the event, students and passersby could sign a petition to show their support for the ECSU-AAUP in their battle against the Board of Regent’s recent budget proposals.

One of the faculty members spearheading the union’s efforts is Theresa Bouley of the Education Department. She explains, “All the CSUs wear red on Thursdays to show solidarity because that is the union color.”

Bouley continues, :The budget cuts are an attack on education and faculty. The proposed changes could set national precedent for universities and K-12 teachers across the country.”

Students have shown their support for the faculty by getting involved in organizing. Rachel Borden, Alexis Apel, and Leah Slawinowski are just three of the students who are involved on Eastern’s campus.

Borden says, “I came to Eastern for the smaller class sizes, the dedicated full-time professors, and the potential for research assistantships. If the proposal passes, Eastern would not be the same that it is today.”

To get involved in the ECSU-AAUP and to learn more about the BOR’s proposed budget, like the page “Eastern Students Stand With ECSU-AAUP” on Facebook, email Theresa Bouley at, or visit